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Using the OneDrive desktop client

The OneDrive For Business desktop client is now available on all SCU staff PCs, and can be used to easily transfer files to and from your OneDrive account. If you do not have Windows 10, please install the newest sync client via the Software Center, which can be found under Applications in the Start Menu. In Software Center, select OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client from the list, then press Install.



Setting up the desktop application

To set up, open File Explorer (This PC) from the desktop, then click on the OneDrive folder on the left-hand side.


This will trigger a set up process - please follow the prompts (you will be asked to enter your SCU email address and/or password 3 times, then to select which folders you wish to sync to your PC).

Once the set up has completed, you will see a small green tick next to each folder within OneDrive. This indicates that the folder has been synchronised with your online account, and is up to date. Synchronisation occurs automatically every 10 minutes.


Please note that the "Shared with Everyone" folder is publicly accessible by staff at SCU, and that no private data should be stored here. 

Shared folders

If you'd also like to sync folders that others have shared with you through OneDrive, please login to your SCU email account via the web. Next, open the Shared with me section and the folder you're wanting to select, then press on the Sync button.



Folders that have been shared with you will now appear in a separate location on your computer



Storing your data

Files can be easily transferred to and from OneDrive by dragging or copying them into the folder, like you would with any other location on your computer. You can also save directly to OneDrive from within applications, such as Microsoft Word.



Please be aware that if you move a large amount of data into your OneDrive account, it may take a significant amount of time to synchronise, depending on your internet connection. We do not recommend switching off your machine while the transfer is occurring, to prevent any loss of data.

Note: any files that are deleted from within the OneDrive folder on your computer will also be deleted from your OneDrive online account. 


For information on using OneDrive online, please see How do I use Onedrive. For any further assistance, please see this article.


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