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How do I post on the discussion board in Blackboard?

There are three main components of the discussion board:

  • Forums: these are how the discussion board is categorised. For instance, there may be one forum for general discussion, and other separate forums to discuss each of the assignments and other aspects of the unit.
  • Threads: these are individual subjects or questions within a forum. For instance, you may have a question about an upcoming assignment that you wish to discuss with your lecturer and the other students. You would create a thread to pose this question (assuming no one has previously asked the same question).
  • Posts: these are individual replies within threads. If another student has an answer to the question you have posed, they would "post" inside your thread, to discuss your specific question.


To post on the discussion board, first you'll need to login to MySCU, then open up your unit. Then on the left hand side menu select Discussion Board.

Next open the Forum you wish to post in.

On the following page you will see a list of the current threads available to read and reply to, or to create your own thread, click Create Thread up the top left of the screen.

 Once you've selected Create Thread, on the following page you will have the option to give your thread a Subject (or Title), message body, and to upload any files you wish to be attached to the thread. If you are submitting an assignment via the discussion board or you want to share a group assignment you are working on with your teammates, this is where you would attach the file. Once you have created the thread, press Submit

Note: only select Save Draft if you wish to edit your thread later before posting. Pressing Save Draft does not post the thread to the discussion board.

If you wish to reply to another thread, click on the thread title, then press the Reply button underneath the post you are responding to.

You will then be presented with a page where you can type your message, attach a file (optional), then submit.

Your post should now appear underneath the post you were replying to.

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    Can I edit a group discussion board post?