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How do I get to the mediasite recording editor.

Open MyMediasite and Login. Find the video you wish to modify and click on the image or text below it.

Note: The recommended browser to use for editing Mediasite recordings is Mozilla Firefox. It can be downloaded at the official website.

On the right hand side of the video preview is a button that says Edit Video, please click it. This will take you to the page to edit your videos.

Once you are on the edit page you may see the below image on the left hand side. It means that the Microsoft Silverlight plugin is either missing or you need to allow it access. Below you will see two ways to enable the plugin.

  • The first is to click the puzzle piece this is located in the top right hand corner of your browser, then a button will appear for you to allow it.
  • The second is you will get a bar across the top of your screen asking to allow Microsoft Silverlight. Click the allow button at the far right and that will provide access.

Now you are set to edit the video.

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