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Uploading video recordings from mobile devices to My Mediasite

Staff can upload recordings made using mobile devices to their My Mediasite for management and editing, as well as for linking to their MySCU Learning Site.
The following instructions are for iOS devices (iPads, iPhones). The same function is available for Android devices and follows similar steps.
Note: As most mobile devices are set to sleep/lock after a certain amount of time, ensure that you have recorded and saved your video using your device’s video recording app prior to uploading - using the Mediasite recorder on a mobile device to record a video is not advised as your recording will be lost in the event your device goes to sleep/locks.

  • On your mobile device, access SCU’s My Mediasite portal at
  • Log in using your short username and password

  • On the portal screen that loads, select Create Presentation.

  • Type in a title for your recording (and an optional description) and choose Select Content, then Choose Existing.

  • Browse your mobile device to find the recording to upload.

  • Select the recording you wish to upload, then select Use.

  • The video will start uploading. Select OK once prompted.

  • Your presentation will show up in the list of available recordings. Select Watch to view it.
  • For further management and editing options, access your My Mediasite portal from a desktop computer.
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