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Using My Mediasite

My Mediasite is the website where staff manage their Mediasite recordings (presentations). Common management tasks that can be performed here include:

  • naming and renaming presentations
  • organising presentations into channels (folders)
  • granting appropriate access permissions to presentations
  • deleting or replacing presentations
  • viewing detailed analytics that show who has watched what part of each presentation
  • seeing who is currently watching a presentation.

My Mediasite is where staff can obtain the link information required to share their presentations, including adding them to their Blackboard Learning Site.

My Mediasite also includes a browser-based video editor that staff can use to edit and optimise their presentations.

First time users – initial account registration

When using My Mediasite for the first time, you will be required to register an account on the portal. This is a brief process which involves logging on to My Mediasite, creating a simple user profile, and then clicking on a link that appears in a registration email sent to your email address. Please follow the steps outlined in the new account registration instructions.

The My Mediasite portal page

The first screen that is viewed after logging on to My Mediasite shows thumbnail images of all of the presentations that are accessible to you. This screen can be customised to show the presentations that you want seen and the order you want them displayed, and allows you to search for specific presentations.

The Create Presentation link at the top left corner of the window allows you to create a new presentation. This can be performed either by using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, or by uploading media from a file on your computer or mobile device (subject to copyright compliance).

There is also a link on the portal page that allows you to download and (register) the Mediasite Desktop Recorder if you wish to install it on a non-SCU computer system.

For a brief introduction to the My Mediasite interface, please watch this video from Mediasite.

Presentation management

When one of the Mediasite recordings available on the portal page is selected, the Presentation Management window for the recording appears.

For details of the functions available in the Presentation Management window, please review this web page:  Managing the Presentations

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