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How to install the FortiClient VPN on Windows PC

Attention: Currently the supported Operating Systems for FortiClient include: Windows 7 or higher

This article will show you how to install the FortiGate VPN on your Windows PC. 


Step 1: Click here to download the VPN launcher

The installer will appear for download. Select 'Save' to download if it doesn't happen automaticallyWin_10_VPN_1.PNG

Step 2: Navigate to the downloads folder and run the installer by double-clicking it, or Click 'Run' on the download windowFile_explorer.PNG 

Step 3: You may receive this notification window. You need to select More Info and then Run Anyway

New1.PNG New2.PNG

Step 4: Select the box 'Yes I have read and accepted the License agreement' to proceed with the installation.


Step 5: Follow the directions on the screen of the installer, click 'Next', then 'Next' again, 'Install' and 'Finish' to complete the install.



 For more information about using the FortiClient VPN, please see 'How to use the ForitClient VPN on Windows PC'


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