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Resetting Internet Explorer

If clearing the cache hasn’t worked, in some situations resetting Internet Explorer can fix some issues. Resetting Internet Explorer puts the browser back to how it originally was. This includes removing all favorites, clearing all of your browsing history, resetting your homepage back to default, removing all remembered password and usernames, your download history and more.

Please ensure you have backed up your favourites, and saving anything in your Internet Explorer history before proceeding. If you are unsure about how export and re-import your favourites please refer to the articles below.

Exporting Favourites from Internet Explorer

Importing Favourites to Internet Explorer


  • Click on the settings button in the top right-hand corner, underneath the red X button.


  • Click on the ‘Internet Options’ button.


  • Go to the 'Advanced' Tab


  • Click the 'Reset' button


  • Make sure to select the ‘Delete personal settings’ box then click the ‘Reset’ Button.


Once the reset has been completed, close and reopen Internet Explorer. You can tell if the reset has been done correctly since the new home page for the browser will be MSN unless you previously had it set to that.




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